South African girl catches a cobra!

Found as:
Watch What This BADA$$ Girl Does When She Realizes She Is About To Be Attacked By A MASSIVE COBRA

What it claims:
It was a nice day of hanging out by the lake when all of the sudden a Cobra showed up out of nowhere.
When I saw the Snake appear out of nowhere and charge at the girl I was freaked out.
Then the girl had the fastest reaction I have ever seen in my life.

What it is:
Girl catches a rubber cobra dragged by her sibling on a fishing line.

Info From Licensor: “Yes it was pulled via fishing rod with fluorocarbon line. My brother and I was trying to scare my sister in running but it seems that she was prepared, seeming that I grew up catching snakes along that river since I was just a boy and she would sometimes join me. She did not handle it as we expected her to, very much impressed!!”
Location: Silverstrand Golf Estate, Roberston, Western Cape, South Africa
Occurrence Date: December 24, 2015

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Lion vs Baboon Real Fight

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[GRAPHIC VIDEO] Lions And Baboons In A Real Fight To The Death

What it claims:
The picture says you’ll see a lion being killed by baboons, the text that you’ll see a lion hunt down and eat a baboon.

What you get:
You get a ten minute long poorly edited clipshow of lions in various situations, both real clips and fabricated with CG effects together with really bad music and poor sound effects.
These are the clips you’ll see.
A lion catching a juvenile vervet monkey.
A baboon terrorizing a female lion, who get help by some others to finally catch and kill the baboon (behind some bushes filmed with a very shaky camera).
After four minutes the lions “start to talk” (the audio removed though) and you get about four minutes of unrelated clips of these lions and baboons that are not in the same places.
Then you finally will see a lion that have catched a baboon, dragging it away into the bushes devouring it
You’ll see some other lions eating another baboon before you get two minutes of sunset clips and other unrelated crap.

Watch the Stokes alligator taxidermist at work

Found as:
(VIDEO) You’ll Never Guess What Was Found Inside This World Record Alabama Alligator

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